We have created a system where you as a landlord can leave everything up to us and not have to worry or be bothered by calls from tenants. All of these services are included under our normal fee structure.


Preparing your home:

  1. We prepare your home to show it in the best possible light. This may include minor repairs, thorough house cleaning, landscaping, basic staging, etc. All services will be agreed upon before work commences.

  2. This first step is often the difference between a home renting right away or sitting on the market vacant for months. It also tends to attract a higher caliber tenant.  We know from experience that a tenant who appreciates moving into a spotless home is more likely to leave it in the same condition.

Attracting the right tenant:

  1. We take quality photos and produce a full color flyer.

  2. We install professional signage outside your home and keep the flyer box full.

  3. Advertise on the Multiple Listing Service (we cooperate with all Realtors).

  4. Feature your property on our website with a dedicated page like this one.

  5. Advertise daily on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads.

  6. Feature in our full page ad in the Quail Call which reaches 2,900 homes in Lake San Marcos every month.

  7. Cross promote your property when fielding calls or doing Open Houses on other properties we are marketing.

  8. Return all calls from interested parties in a timely manner. We are prepared to show your home with 5 minute notice.

Executing The Lease:

  1. Once a quality tenant has been found we screen the tenant thoroughly by having them complete a formal Application to Rent. We then run a full credit and eviction report, verify employment and contact previous landlord and references. All of this information is presented to you for final approval and if desired we can arrange for you to meet the tenant.

  2. Prepare a lease agreement using California Association of Realtors approved paperwork.

  3. Have client sign the lease and then bring to you for your signature. 

  4. Complete the Move In - Move Out Inspection to get a snapshot of the condition of the property. When they move out we review this form and compare to the current condition. If it is not in the same condition we have documentation to verify it and can withhold part or all of their security deposit.

  5. Collect the first month’s rent, security deposit and pet deposit if necessary. All checks are made payable directly to you. In the following months the rent checks are mailed directly to you in pre-addressed envelopes we provide to the tenant.

During the tenancy:

  1. Once the tenants are in the property they are instructed to call us if repairs are necessary. We then investigate the problem and arrange to have it fixed. All of this is communicated to you in a timely fashion (but never in the middle of the night!). Some of our clients choose to have us take care of all the problems and report back to them later, while others want to be involved in every decision. That is up to you. We collect invoices from service people and forward to you for payment. It is important that these invoices are paid in a timely fashion so we may be able to provide the best team of service people who keep us at the top of their priority list.

  2. As residents in the community we are always doing spot checks on the exterior of the property to ensure it is being well maintained. It is rare that we are not inside a property at least once every six months tending to something. During this time we also do a visual inspection.

  3. At the end of the lease period we meet with the tenant to renew a lease and again do an inspection on the property to ensure that everything is still in good condition.

Our Fee Structure

Long Term Rentals:

Year 1: 10% of the annual rent. For example if the monthly rent is $2,000 then the annual rent is $24,000. Our fee is 10% of that which in this example is $2,400. This fee is due when we collect the first month’s rent and the security deposit which in this example would be $4,000 (plus pet deposit if necessary).

Year 2 and beyond: If the tenant renews their lease, then our fee drops to 7% of the annual rent and is due on the renewal. If the tenant chooses not to renew, then we start the selection process again and our fee for the first year would be 10%.